This is my first experience with homeopathy, and so far it’s improved my ulcerative colitis significantly. My remedy has decreased the frequency and intensity of my symptoms in only 2 months! It’s also improved my facial flushing due to food sensitivities. It’s just been a pleasant experience over all, with great side effects – I feel great and have so much more energy!

- N.T. chiropractor, Seattle, WA

With Rooksie's guidance, I used homeopathy extensively during my pregnancy and what ended up being a long and protracted labor. The remedies helped me feel calm and even keeled - like I could do this! I feel that homeopathy helped me get through the post-partum period and allowed me adjust to life with my new baby, gently and gracefully, I continue to use remedies to help my children through acute illnesses and the normal bumps and scrapes of life. With homeopathy at my disposal, I feel like my family is well taken care of. 

- R.G.D. stay-at home -mom, Seattle, WA

Rooksie knows how to listen and provide homeopathic treatment that is effective and significant. During my initial visit she asked the right questions to gain a holistic understanding of what I needed. She knew how to key in to my underlying issues as well as provide treatment for acute symptoms. Rooksie David is a talented homeopath. I would highly recommend her.                                                                      

- I.R. psychologist, PsyD, Teaneck NJ

Rooksie David is an excellent homeopathic practitioner. She listened with patience and asked appropriate questions to get the necessary information in order to determine the correct remedy for me. The remedy brought almost immediate improvement to my panic attacks from which I suffered for the better of 10 years. After a few months on the remedy, my attacks have all but disappeared and overall, I am in a much calmer space. I highly recommend Rooksie as a homeopath.  I have visited many homeopaths over the years and although homeopathy always gave me relief from whatever was ailing me, other practitioners were not able to get to the root of my ailments. She listened astutely and followed my case closely to assure she was giving me the highest quality of care!

- A.P. early childhood educator, Waterbury, CT

For over six months, I struggled with anxiety, low mood, and with feeling overwhelmed by ordinary tasks. During my initial visit, Rooksie David got to the heart of my issues. I began to feel better within days of starting my homeopathic remedy. I'm calmer, happier and more productive, and I feel like I got my self back. As a mental health practitioner, I am confidant in referring clients to her.

- G.R. ESP, MA, LMFTA, Seattle, WA

Meeting with Rooksie has been a pleasure.  I felt very comfortable and the intake never felt stuffy or contrived – it’s a very genuine and well thought out process. During my first visit, I learned a lot about homeopathy and found it fascinating. I felt included in the whole process – the opposite of any other health care experience I’ve had. Rooksie's enthusiasm for the practice of homeopathy is contagious and her passion for helping people comes across clearly as does her ability to make people feel comfortable and secure – the visit felt organic and it was easy for me to open up and share how I was feeling.

- E.P. professional chef and food blogger, Seattle, WA

I have benefited tremendously from homeopathy. My individualized remedy was able to accomplish what years of psychotherapy and medication couldn't - I now love my life!

I have also taken my children for homeopathic consults and have been very pleased with the results. Although at first it seemed that my son was perhaps even more overactive, I stayed with the homeopathic regime. My son is now happier, well behaved and solidly grounded. Our home is a much more pleasant place to be.

I've recommended Rooksie to my friends.

-  S.Y.G. real estate entrepreneur Toronto, Ontario