My first experience with homeopathy was almost 26 years ago as a young mother, on a summer teaching stint in Santa Fe, N.M. My 3 month old son was colicky, needing to be held all day, not to mention crying all through the night.  Our landlord introduced me to homeopathy, by suggesting  that I give my baby a "natural" remedy, readily available at the local food co-op. Hooked by the word ‘natural’ and willing to do almost anything for a good night's sleep, I popped some small pellets into his mouth, and lo and behold, he was fast asleep on my shoulder five minutes later. I was sold! I told my husband, we weren’t going back to NJ, where we lived at the time, without a year’s supply of whatever that was!

We did go home with vials of that remedy and a Hyland's Guide to Homeopathy pamphlet, given out for free in the health food store. It listed twenty remedies and what they were used for. Thrilled by how well homeopathy had helped our son, I read and reread that little pamphlet, trying to memorize symptoms and their matching remedies.

A year later we moved to Seattle to pursue teaching positions. I was thrilled to see homeopathic remedies sold in our neighborhood store. Still intrigued by how well homeopathy had worked for our baby, I began purchasing books to gain a deeper understanding of this natural medicine. That pursuit quickly became a life long study and deep love of homeopathy.

Flash forward, ten years later, the birth of another child after what had been a difficult pregnancy and an arduous birth,  I felt that I couldn’t regain my pre-pregnant energy and positive mood. I sought the help of a naturopath who also prescribed homeopathic remedies and now it was my turn to experience the healing power of homeopathy. Over the next 15 years, I continued my informal homeopathic studies, and treated family and friends.

As a teacher I’ve taught in many settings, from preschool through adult education. Like every good educator, I wanted to see my students shine, but most of all, I wanted them to believe in their own strengths, abilities and talents and to recognize their inherent gifts. There is no greater joy than seeing the smile on a child’s face when they discover they can do something they never believed was possible for them before. In a sense education and homeopathy are all about problem solving. As a teacher I asked myself, how does this student learn? How can I present information to them in a way that they can fully understand it? As a homeopath I ask:  how does this person experience their stress, what words do they choose to describe their pain, and what patterns keep showing up in their lives?  What I really want to know is: ‘what is asking to be healed’ for this person?  

Knowing what I knew about homeopathy I understood how much the right remedy could help my students overcome the barriers of their self-limits and the impediments to the full expression of their magnificent selves. In the classroom setting, I was not in the position to offer my students that kind of help. This is what fueled my decision to leave education and pursue the practice of homeopathy full time. I had already enrolled in the Resonance School of Homeopathy, under the directorship of Robert Field CCH, RSHom. It was there that I honed my case taking skills, learned the precise prescribing of homeopathic potencies as well as an understanding of the healing continuum and the ability to assess where a person is in that cycle.

Now, there is no greater joy for me than seeing my clients achieve greater levels of health, self-confidence and enthusiasm for their lives!

I hold the belief that we all come into this world perfectly and into the best possible circumstance for our spiritual growth. Life repeatedly presents us with the opportunity to become our highest and best selves. Life is the testing ground and the obstacle course.

For my clients, I hold the perspective that they can fully heal. Homeopathy only provides the inspiration.

I live in Seattle Washington with my husband and children, where I maintain a homeopathic practice in the Columbia City neighborhood.  I still have that little Hyland's pamphlet, dog-eared and treasured.