Remedies from Nature:

Homeopathic remedies are made from substances found in nature. Many common plants and minerals are dried, ground into a fine powder and then diluted multiple times in water to create a homeopathic remedy. The amount of times a remedy is diluted determines the potency of a remedy.

For example the remedy Nux Vomica, commonly used to treat digestive upset due to overindulgence, is made from the evergreen tree Strychnos, native to southeast Asia. The seeds of its yellow fruit is the part that's used in the homeopathic preparation.

Similarly, Calcerea Carbonica, another homeopathic remedy, used to treat teething and cradle cap in infants, is made from ground oyster shells. As the name suggests this remedy contains the mineral calcium. Because Calceria Carbonica is a highly diluted form of calcium its healing effect is broader and gentler than taking calcium in its original form.

Over 2,000 natural substances have been prepared in this way, creating a vast pharmacopoeia to treat a myriad of conditions.